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Non-Free CamModelTools TipTicker 2020-06-01

Over the last months we were quiet with new versions and releases of our tools. That was because we did some major changes under the hood of TipTicker. We added masses of new features, worked on the stability, made it easier to use and included many features which our customers requested. Thanks for that massive input.

Following features were added:

  1. Connecting to your alias using a Chrome Extension
  2. Statistics menu with many informations regarding recieved tips, tokens, users online and purchases
  3. Teleprompter, a screen which help you to read the messages coming in via chat, pm, tip note, purchase information
  4. Multingual support; now you can select between English, Spanish and German (other languages are in work ...)
  5. Studios and CamModels with many aliases can now use floating licenses, which greatly saves costs.
  6. Many more detail messages in the logging system
  7. Defining standard settings via program options
  8. Control of Teleprompter through Teleprompter options
  9. In Design Options you are now able to react on Room Entry, Room Leave and limit the events to User Names, User Roles (depending on Fan, Mod Tip amount) and date ranges
  10. In Edit Images you are now able to copy an image, you have an preview and it is much easier to set the properties according your wishes.
  11. Help system. We provide now up-to-date help for all topics around TipTicker. All this information is maintained here online on this site.
We made TipTicker more stable, reliable and robust. It should now work on any language environment and any country setting.
Hello to all readers of this thread!
Long time ago since I posted something about our ongoing projects, expecially regarding TipTicker.

So here are some news you all would find interesting:
TipTicker has been undergoing several bugfixes since its first release and there were several new features implemented:
* Sounds are now available. You can now trigger own sounds by several events like incoming tips
* Smooth overlaying of images. Now incoming multiple events do no longer erase previously triggered images
* Now you can set the width and heigth of the TipTicker browser source to the canvas size of of your broadcasting system
* Control to get TipTicker automatically started on System start (Login)
* Set the default room to automatically login to Chaturbate.
* Automatically Startup can be minimized to System Tray
* Positioning of Texts can be now below or above the images
* Editing of a Design got more intuitive (thx to the feedback of some users and testers)

And a lot of minor changes under the hood and bug fixes

Actual version of TipTicker is

#GetIt and #TestIt
We happy to announce a new release of TipTicker.
Release is out.
Features added:
  • NEW: Ability to play sounds. You are now able to trigger the playback of sounds on incoming events (like tips etc.)
  • NEW: Start TipTicker at Windows startup
  • NEW: Start TipTicker minmized
  • NEW: Minimize to System Tray
  • NEW: Automatically connect to your Chaturbate room at startup of TipTicker
Changed Features:
  • CHANGED: Now it is possible to Change a Picture in the Image list and to change all attributes
  • CHANGED: Possibility to mass-change the attributes of selected Images (e.g. Opacity)
  • CHANGED: Preview of Images and Sounds
  • CHANGED: Change the port number to connect your broadcasting system with TipTicker
  • CHANGED: Now Pictures and animations can show up multiple times, even if events (e.g. Tips) come in rapidly
Bugs fixed:
  • FIXED: Timing of tip messages interfered with timing of events and pictures; now these timings are completely separated
  • FIXED: Under some circumstances it could happen that one picture wiped off another picture; fixed
  • FIXED: Included the newest changes in the Chaturbate Chat data

We are constantly working in getting our products and services better.
Get it and test it!