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Non-Free CamModelTools TipTicker 2020-06-01

Don't wait any longer and start to improve your income as a webcam model! Get more Money for your precious work!

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Add TipTicker as a browser source to OBS ...

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Test your settings offline within OBS ...

To see it work watch our YouTube video:

  • Get more money from your guests
  • The application to enhance your live stream
  • give direct feedback to your audience
  • Show your appreciation
  • Spoil the flow of tips and tokens
  • React on events, like reaching goals
  • Your imagination and fantasy is the limit
  • Easy setup

  • Local Installation
  • Small Size
  • Low requirements
  • Low Bandwidth usage
  • Immediate response on events
  • Unlimited own designs
  • Individual Tip Message design
  • Define Timings for Tip Messages
  • Test your settings and designs offline
  • Define own Animations
  • Use Sounds (coming soon)
  • Sell and license Designs

Affordable prices, starting from 20 $/€ for the Basic license.
Pro Version for 50 $/€.
Designer Version 300 $/€ (coming soon).
Custom Designs starting from 50 $/€ (agreeable).

Download and test it for free!
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