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cool stuff
OMG - no linux support
no linux support?????
Guys, are You kidding?
No plugin for Linux distros?
Some kind of Mac's users can use it, but Linux users - no?
That is same type of OS. Linux based.
I will change my rte after linux plugin will be here.
There's still not a plugin for Ubuntu without qtkit
I'm very glad that there's such plugin for OBS Studio. Nice, neat and clean. Does what is should without any unnecessary clutter and useless options. 5 stars! Thank you, Faruton!
Very simple to install on Windows 10, worked flawlessly. Very simple UI interface, very lightweight. Instant fan.
Nice plugin!But please add CSS support for Mac.
almost perfect
Best plugin for Mac! WORKS with TWITCHALERTS! No errors, no problem. VERY easy to install. Thank you!