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OBS Lua Browser Image Slideshow v1.2

Added optional lua script as an alternative to running a shell or cmd script to refresh the images list.
Added .gitignore & .gitkeep for images folder

This script can be added to OBS (Tools > Scripts), and is run once automatically when OBS is opened.
Slide mode & slide duration settings can now be updated using this script in OBS.
This script & browser source still need to be reloaded/refreshed when images or settings are updated. Reloading the (lua) script can be done from OBS (Tools > Scripts) Reload script button.
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Added RefreshImagesW.cmd, which does the same thing as
Includes minor fixes
Moved resource to github (updating it here takes a long time)
Added Mode options
Fixes bug where browser speeds up over time
Issue: Slideshow may become "choppy" if source is inactive for a while. will fix soon
Updated readme: Leaving "Shutdown source when not visible" and "Refresh browser when scene becomes active" unchecked is recommended.

Checking "Refresh browser when scene becomes active" may cause a white outline to appear when the scene becomes active, or when source is refreshed. Better to leave it unchecked.

Also removed unnecessary changelog.txt