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Black magic intensity shuttle USB for console streaming

If you're looking to stream gameplay from your console and do not want to go with the inbuilt systems of the ps4 or xbone then you'll need a capture card.

The black magic intensity shuttle usb, has a few features making it nice for this, it works with everything from composite and svideo inputs right through to hdmi, it's also a usb 3.0 device so there is no lag (effectively) in the capture like you see on the elgato or roxio usb 2 devices.

One downside compared to say the avermedia or x1 is that it does not capture 1080p60, you can have 1080p30 or 720p60. though on the upside it's much cheaper than the x1 and is not restricted to just hdmi like the avermedia.

Physical setup is straight forward, inputs one side, (passthough although it seems only to passthrough when in active use) outputs the other and the usb 3 at the end.

Software wise it's a let down, and is the reason I'm writing this as I just spent hours getting it working! It's not obvious what drivers are required, the black magic website doesn't help and the cd supplied comes with software for load of things that are not the intensity shuttle (as well as the bit that is)!

You'll need just the "desktop video" software, and I suggest using the one you get on the cd. the current latest one via the support website (10.1.2) cause repeated BSOD. the consensus is that version 9.7 works fine, I got 9.5 on the supplied CD and that seems to be working fine. I'm not sure what advantages 9.7 may have over 9.5. I'm happy with it working and not crashing constantly.

Once installed you should get an entry in control panel, here you can set the input you're using. for the ps3 and ps4 you'll need to set the consoles to 720p and in that control also set 720p (the 59fps one don't ask my why).

Now from obs you can add the video capture device. if when you preview or start the stream you get a blue screen of death then change the version of the desktop video software. (by the way OBS developers, the software with the black magic does not bluescreen the pc but does crash the software, any idea what the difference is there?)

Finally HDCP, it's in the ps3 and the ps4, while you can now turn it off in the ps4 I found this didn't work properly on my launch model, not sure why but there seems to be a few people with this issue. the solution was a hdmi splitter as is mentioned in many of the capture ps3 threads. yes it works, look it up and choose wisely, they are cheap and do the job. The alternative is your ps4 may work ok when you turn off hdcp and the ps3 can output over component cables.

After a lot of effort the results are great. just be prepared for a little hard work and head scratching getting there!

I picked mine up for £90 from a guy who realised that for his mac he needed to buy the thunderbolt version.

The hdmi splitter I bought from amazon for a little over a tenner.

You may also need to pick up extra hdmi / component cables for your setup.

My username on twitch is ken_sands if you want to see it in use or quiz me, full details of the pc are also on there.
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