Auto-Duck in Real Time

Non-Free Auto-Duck in Real Time 3.0-RC4.1-HotFix

Auto-Duck 3 RC4.1 HotFix is ready!

I have fixed some device-related issues, most notably the no-ducking bug that occurs after problems with devices.

If you are experiencing any issues using Auto-Duck please drop me an email:, thanks.
Auto-Duck 3 RC4 is out!
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New: Zoom (Ctrl+Scroll supported!)
Fixed the missing signal graph when selecting channels
Minor fixes & improvements

- What's better than Dark Mode?
- Dark Mode with ZOOM! ;)
Auto-Duck with Dark Mode is ready!
No more eye strain, my insomniacs friends!
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Auto-Duck 3 Release Candidate 3 is out❗
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New stuff:
  • Signal multiplier (aka. Boost) is back!
  • News feed
  • Fixed: the abrupt end of ducking when the session was not started
  • Fixed & improved: taskbar icon not changing on the session start/stop
  • Fixed: no icons and fonts when offline
  • Improved tutorial
Auto-Duck 3 Release Candidate 2 is here!
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New stuff:
+ Interactive tutorial
+ Instant ducking hotkey on the top toolbar
+ Auto activation after finding the old license (from v1.x or v2.x)
+ Minor fixes
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Auto-Duck 3 Release Candidate!
Refreshed, fixed, improved!
Download now:

Auto-Duck will make room for your voice over the content you stream.
Works with games, apps, and devices.
Compatible with any streaming and recording software (but why use anything other than OBS?!).

Use it. Be gentle. Be brutal. You will be heard!

  • Free fully functional 30+ days trial *
  • Ducking when speaking & on hotkeys
  • Reduce the volume of any game, app, and device
  • Works with any streaming/recording software
  • Total fading control
  • Unlimited number of channels
  • Fast tech support by email
  • Windows 7/8/10 compatible
  • Crafted for streamers and YouTubers
* The more you use Auto-Duck, the more extra trial days you will get!

If you have a license for the older version it will work with the new version. Go to Menu -> Register, provide the license file and restart the app.
Version 2.2.2 of Auto-Duck is ready!
Update now:
New stuff:
+ Start/Stop hotkey
+ Help -> Compatibility -> Hide error messages (potential errors will be logged into files on your Desktop)
+ Changed .NET Framework to ver 4.0
+ Some bug-fixes
Please update your Auto-Duck to the latest version (v2.2.1)!
Previous version has bug that damaged presets and project files.
If you can't open your preset or project file in new version, send it to We will try to fix it manually.
Sorry for inconvenience.
Get ver 2.2 right now!

New stuff:
* Fixed crashing on some machines
* Fixed losing channels on some machines
* Two hotkey modes: hold and toggle
* Option to specify longer fade duration
* Option to start minimized
* Option to ignore specified devices
* Compatibility mode to work with GoDot
* Diagnostic tools for memory usage

Download, share & enjoy!

As always Auto-Duck is 100% clean, here are AV reports:
Hi there!
New version of Auto-Duck in Real Time is here!

Please note it is BETA and it is not yet signed with certificate, so your Windows should scream at you ;] Don't worry this app is legit. You can view AV scans results here: setup-scan, app-scan.

New stuff in ver 2.1 BETA:
  • Improved microphone handling
  • You can set hotkeys mode: hold or toggle
  • Some code fixes & optimizations
I'm open to your comments and suggestions.

Final version 2.1 should be soon.