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Free Audio Visual Scope | Basic Playlist Program alpha rc2

This program is very much in alpha state given its minimalism and Mp3 format handling, so this merits a proper versioning.

The drawing update method was changed to cause less overall program lag and does not lag the wave form when mousing over the windows.

The style change is question is just a small geometric taper on each side of the wave form, and it is optional.

Here is the official change log:
alpha rc1 -> alpha rc2
# Added
-> Optional taper on each side of wave form
# Changed
-> Wave graphic window has adjustable size
-> FPS value is now at 120 and cannot be changed
# Fixed
-> Drawing update more stable; minimal lag
# Notes
-> Mp3 format still has distortions; fix is tentative
Hello again,

This time the update brings a different way to visualize the wave form. The newest preview on this tool's front page displays this. Other changes are the bigger visual size of the utility windows and changing the color theme to gray backgrounds and lighter text.

Here is the direct link to the preview on Youtube:


When bug testing, a prominent problem was not found. Just recently though it was. So in effect, when trying to change songs manually, sometimes the list would skip ahead, but now this has been fixed.

A shuffle function has been added and it can be turned off, and when it is the songs are arranged by ascending order using a name-comparison priority.

One small change is that the side windows were thin, so they were increased in size.

A future update may see the graphic line thickness have an option to increase. Currently the function is in testing. While it is simple in theory, the line sometimes draws a little oddly.


There was an unwelcome variable input for when a value was being polled and it was messing with the wave graphic's overall smoothness. It was as simple as removing dividing something by 2. Odd, but it improved the aesthetic enough to post this update.

Hi again,

This release corrects the Wingding's font difference between Windows 7 and Windows10 by changing it to plain text.

The GUI change was to increase the size of the input/output lists.

The most major change is updating the wave group to poll from different areas in the wave length making for less noising rendering. It should look neater and less chaotic. Check the program front page for an updated video representing the graph change.

Hello forum goers,

This update's features are as follows:
  • Updated program hang on closure,
    • ... Meaning when the program is closed but still has audio files in the queue, it will quit playing altogether and close the process entirely.
  • A file that outputs the name of the audio file currently being played without the entire path or file extension,
    • This file is placed in the same directory as the program's, and is named "current.txt".
That is all for this update.

Dear OBS Community,

This version contains a frames/second list along with the visual removal of the
non-functional EQ. The EQ may see play in a future update.


A wave form that features:
  1. Source input that should support microphones,
  2. audio interfaces,
  3. and patch bays e.g. virtual inputs.
Hello OBS Community,

There has been work done on a live graphical feedback of the computer's audio input. This should include things such as microphones, instrumental and redirecting program audio using some sort of patch bay.

For the future, removing the MP3 playlist feature is being considered as MP3 doesn't load well with the visual information without occasional clips and snaps. With faster PCs however this may not be a problem.

Loading an MP3 straight out of the gate could crash the program. Since this was
discovered, it has been eradicated.