Animating Streams with Scoreboard Assistant

Non-OBS Script Animating Streams with Scoreboard Assistant 2016-04-03

The files in this package have been updated. That update is available here:

This is a tutorial teaching you how to add very simple animations to your stream using HTML and JavaScript. This tutorial assumes you are using Scoreboard Assistant (available here), though technically you can do this with whatever scoreboard or text updater program you want.

The attached resources file does not include Scoreboard Assistant, but you can download it from the link above for only $0.01. This tutorial also assumes you have scoreboard assistant and the attached resource scripts in the same folder. You will want to download scoreboard assistant and the attached resources so you can follow along on your own.

This is an update to a tutorial I wrote over a year ago, which is now out of date.


I just got a message of confusion from someone who was unable to get the Game and Round fields working in the included script. Scoreboard Assistant splits every field into 3 outputs, lets take "Game" as an example:
  • game
  • gameA
  • gameB
These splits, are universal throughout the program and allow you to include 2 pieces of information per field, using double pipes. So instead of doing just "Street Fighter V", I can instead do "SF5 || Street Fighter V". Using that code instead, the output becomes:
  • <game>SF5 || Street Fighter V</game>
  • <gameA>SF5</gameA>
  • <gameB>Street Fighter V</gameB>
Why do I do it this way? Scoreboard Assistant has a built-in method to copy match details to your clipboard. (Check the "Edit Copy Text" setting on the config menu). Using the clipboard copy button on the scoreboard copies not the "game" field, but the "gameA" field. This allows me to very quickly create file names for my recorded files. This gives me file names such as:
If I instead used "game" and "round" instead of "gameA" and "roundA", I would end up with a very cumbersome file name such as:
  • The Break #354 - Street Fighter V Grand Finals (Reset) - EMP Raoh VS PRC
If you set your game/round without a double pipes, you will not have a gameB/roundB. You can easily change the included script (look at the "getResponse" function in versus2.js) so it doesnt draw from gameB/roundB anymore; but I wan't to make sure you guys understand why I do it the way I've done it.
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