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Free Animated Lower Thirds with Dockable Control Panel v.1.6

I love this! I can finally replace an old, clunky design I have been using for months. My only request is if there was a way to have a large cooldown between the last and first on a set of memory switches? I love using this as a social media placer, but I would rather it populate at certain times than be on a continuous loop back to back simply because I don't want the cooldown between individual switches to be long.

Also, if there is a way to use it between scenes differently, as in the 2 tabs I use in my Main scene need to have different colors for it to be used in an intermission scene, or have a background that's not an image source for contrast. Just something that isn't the same as the other scene. Again, I am not sure if this is possible, but if it is, I probably don't know about it lol.
I`ve tested it and just work smooth.

I`m excited with possibilities of customization using CSS and creating a custom docks for control everything on my own News Cgs.

Thank you!
Me parece brillante lo que hicieron, sigo todos los pasos pero no logro activar el panel, tengo hace OBS Live sera ese el problema?
I just signed up for this forum to appreciate Noé Lier for this excellent work.
This is also one of the first times I donated to free software. But this is so useful, practical, and easy to use that I just had to contribute to further developments. Noé, you certainly have the skills, vision, and quality of work.

The software has the big benefit of allowing lower-thirds to become super CPU lightweight, as opposed to using .mov files with alpha channels.

Installation and usage are made easy with the very valuable and really well-made video tutorials by Noé.

It's growing to become considerably versatile in customization, and I'm really excited to see where Noé takes this further.

Here are a couple of things I'd like to propose for the development Roadmap. If some of these things are already made, I'd really like to know, and I apologize for the unnecessary suggestions:

1) I'd love to be able to customize "border-radius" and "box-shadow" for the Background, and "text-shadow" for the fonts.

2) It would be nice to have some tooltips showing the title for each control after a while on-hover, so one could more quickly learn what each GUI item does by getting a small hint.
These hint-tooltips could be deactivated much like the existing name-tooltips.

3) I'd love to have a small example/tutorial on how one could customize via CSS, to allow those of us with some web knowledge an easier way to access more powerful customization, for example regarding animations and (1).

4) Finally, it might be useful to be able to upload an "avatar/photo" for each entry, similar to what is currently done with the logos. The goal here is to be able to upload a photo of John Doe for easier recognition, not having to memorize who is in the middle of an event array of faces, highly reducing the risk of confusing names/faces.

This is the most beautiful Lower Thirds manager ever!
This is such an awesome feauture. We had to wait for a while, but hurray. Muchos gracias!!!!
made my job easier
Finally registered here just to support this. It's what most of us are looking for! Simple, light, easy installation.

Patrick Ewalt's suggestion is something I'm looking forward to.

Btw, how do i set up the logo beside the name part? Did i miss something?

Keep up the awesome work buddy!
Phew! You know we all love OBS. It's pretty amazing, but sometimes you are trying to do something sooooo simple and it feels sooooo hard in OBS. Argh! It can be frustrating. But that's where we have this amazing community and people like NoeAL who create some amazing stuff.

I am blown away by how simple this is to use and how beautiful and elegant everything looks (NoeAL does mention he's a Designer first and Developer second - and his design skills clearly show through in his work).

I can thank NoeAL enough for his amazing tool. Hoping for continued updates.

p.s. And folks, definitely support NoeAL by making a $$$ contribution via the link in Overview page
You are awesome!
Excellent tool. Flexible to use and great interface. All you will need in a lower third for OBS.
Excellent. Easy to use and looks great. It would be nice if you could save and load up different profiles that would save the lists of names/titles, sizes, the logo to use, and the color scheme.
Great, best than I imagine. this will be one of the best resources this year
This is a wonderful tool that produces customizable and professional-looking lower thirds. Thanks for making this available and great that you're constantly improving it!

I have a request. Could you add 'System' to the theme colors? I have OBS use the system color scheme and any of the three options you offer make the panel clash quite a bit with the rest of the GUI. :-)
You can count on it in future updates. ;)
It's just great to see so many requests to be build in such short time.
I love it, i just want to know how to add more font types :D
Hi! In the next update you will be able to add any font from Google Fonts from the control panel. In a few days it will be available.
This is the Holy Grail of OBS Studio.
And again a quick update! I found it a bit difficult to find the custom time button (but it's a feature I don't need anyway ;-) )
I hope you will ad numbers to the hotkeys as well (I'll send an example screenshot, cause I can't add it here). I'll drop my request in a post, but thank you for being so active on these updates. Really, really appreciate it!
This really is a wonderful and professional tool for anyone using OBS that wants to add that great Lower Third look quickly and easily. Setup is easy and once you learn how to use the different stylizing controls etc. it becomes a snap to work with. I would love to see a couple things though if possible:

1. Ability to pause globally all timers (or pause/hold incrementing all other non-playing lower third's timers) when any lower third is triggered/playing. This could be a toggle/checkbox in the main settings portion or per lower third and would help a user who uses the lower thirds to rotate through various information panels (kind of like a slideshow) without having to worry about them colliding/overlapping with each other due to the constant incrementing of the other timers on all lower thirds; which in turn causes a kind of race condition to occur and eventually the lower thirds will collide with each other unless you manually trigger all lower thirds at startup one by one, and depending on the inactive time gap desired this means a user could end up sitting there for 5-10 minutes or more just to manually align the timers by activating each lower third by hand during the first startup cycle. This "pause/hold" would eliminate this race condition issue and eliminate the need for a user to manually trigger each third at startup to provide for proper timer spacing.

2. Ability to add a different image/file to each preset of each lower third, yes I realize that would be 40 images if you did them all, but I know for sports folks that would help a lot with player pictures etc. Currently the 4 is a little limiting, while I agree 40 might be excessive it might be necessary for some. The ability to import and set those logos through this dock/control panel would be amazing and very helpful/quick for the user. Additionally, it would be a nice feature to be able to use not only images but animated gifs or small webm/video files for each preset.

That's about all I can think of at the moment, really this is an excellent tool giving even the most novice of users the opportunity to significantly increase their production value in a matter of minutes, no programming knowledge or scripting knowledge required! This is a must have for podcasters or anyone who does Live interviews or panel shows.
Thanks for your words and the review. I'm trying to solve some of the problems you mention. I'm very interested to know how all of you use this tool to improve it. Thanks again for valuing my effort.