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Android Webcam guide for OBS.

I have done this as a video only for youtube, but now i`m using this forum and i want to share it here.

Its a basic guide how to use your camera on android smartphones/tablets as a webcam in OBS and other software (never tested, Skype is still refusing to work).

The Software changed a lot, so dont expect it to look like in the video right now (!)

What you need:
IP Webcam App (freeware):,
(german website, but you can download it anytime in the google play store)

Direct Show Video Source Filter for JPEG & M-JPEG IP Cameras (freeware):

WiFi network with the android device & your PC with OBS.

First download and install the app.
Open it and go to Video preferences. Set your Video resolution to 1280x720 (FullHD not supported) and Quality to 30-40 (on dualcore, the highend smartphones may be able to run 50+).
Leave other settings on default, you can change them later after connecting to OBS.
Go to Connection settings and set your adress family (IPv4 or IPv6) and your port (and make sure that this port is open, you may have to do some port forwarding).
Disable Audio mode after this. Then click on Start Server.
You will get a preview of your webcam on the phone + your IP+Port (usually looks like There is a "How do I connect?" button, check it out if you need it.

Then go to your browser and use the IP+Port to open the IP Webcam server.
Switch to "Other viewing methods" and select VLC Media Player.
There will be a link like this: http://YourIP:Port/video
Just copy it, you dont really need other stuff there (but you can try it out).

Go to the Direct Show Video Source Filter page and download it (x64 if you are using 64-bit OBS, Win32 for 32-bit OBS - dont mess it up or your OBS will not be able to see the source). Install it.
Open the Programm (usually Alax.Info folder) and add a new source: paste your link and set the resolution to the same that you are using in the IP Webcam app (1280x720). Click OK.

Now open your OBS and try to add a new webcam/video source.
Select JPEG Video Source and try it. Config button in OBS should open the configuration file for Alax.Info source.
Click OK and check it - if its working, you can adjust settings to get your 30 FPS and a nice quality.
If not - check the connection and all settings. If OBS cant find the Alax.Info source, try 32 or 64bit and download the other version of the plugin if needed.

If you have any questions, feel free to post it here or send me a PN.
I will update the video (just realised how much the app changed!, never used it because i already have 2 webcams ^_^ ) and try to answer your question and fix the problems. But the software is not mine, i just figured out how to use it.

And sorry for my english, its late and i`m german with some beer inside me :-)
Feel free to message me in german or russian if you want, this will be even better for me.
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