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This tool comes with 2 things.
"LioranBoard Receiver" which acts as a local server on your PC for your android device to connect to and what is gonna be performing the actions.(comes with example deck with some tame memes)
"LioranBoard Stream Deck" Which will be your stream deck, (PC and Android version included)

-This tool does not connect directly to OBS, This only simulates Keypresses and plays sound clips of your choice.
-You can connect multiple devices to the receiver, so if you have multiple tablets laying around, you can use them all simultaneously.
-You can edit the appearance of the stream deck by changing button size, color, adding pictures to them, and adding text overlays.
-Since the simulated keypress are not directly linked to OBS you can technically use it for any other program of your choice such as image or video editing tools.

I made this for myself and decided to share it with the world. I might look into putting the app on google play store later if there is a need for it but for the moment it is a manual install only. Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestion, I sometimes go on twitter @lioranwaters and I do stream aswell

I only have 2 devices to test it on so if you have tested it let me know how it ran or if it just crashed and what device you used so I know the limit of this.(kinda new in tablet programing)

1.09 Read Me + Patch note

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