Aitum Vertical

Aitum Vertical 1.4.7

Greg does at least two things well: 1)Drums & 2)Creating within OBS.
Need few things:
Studio mode;
I can now record an additional source or scene, without needing a plugin like Source record or opening another instance of OBS.

Lots of options to explore, I like the fact that Aitum brings a lot of new features to OBS.
It works very well, I could put a script for "instagram live producer" and "tiktok" to work with just one click
It simply works. You don't only have to use it vertically. You can use it as an entirely seperate source for recording while streeaming. So many use cases and really well done.!
Excellent plugin! Installed and configure it really easy.
Loved that the guys on Aitum released this feature for us, OBS users.