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AFK/Mute Scene/Source Switcher

At the request of ThatGuyFromTV, the ability to hide a source has been added. Config screen has been updated to reflect this change:

At the request of ball2hi, the option to toggle on/off a source has been added. It still uses the same triggers as the scene switching:


Name change in the Plugins list to: AFK/Mute Scene/Source Switcher
Fixed an issue where file paths with accented characters would not create the settings file so settings would not persist after OBS was closed. Big thanks to PF4ANDY for helping me test the fixes.

Also a thanks to PF4NDY for pointing out the issues with PVS.
Fixed most of the compatibility issues with the Per Scene Volume plugin. Using both plugins should no longer crash OBS.

However, if you use this plugin to switch to a muted scene when both the desktop and mic are muted there is a new problem. If you mute your mic last, the scene will switch but there is a chance the mic will unmute if the muted scene has an unmuted desktop when you switch to it. This is giving me a bit of a headack trying to fix it so I decided to push the update so most people should be able to use PSV and this together.