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Advanced Scene Switcher 1.26.4

Very flexible! Nice plugin!
I love it! I entirely use the macro section and I love it. It makes streaming, only while streaming, almost effortless. Although, it's the preparation that can be time consuming but I already had previous experience with macros. I used an Android macro app (unfortunately it doesn't work with my current phone - that does make me angry because I can still download it) as an impression of what coding is like and I even loved it then. I'm still going to school but I haven't gone back since the pandemic and my experience with my first professor's own book. He used his own typo-filled education book. Anyways, I intend on going back to school after the pandemic ends.
Works great for me! Thanks
The swiss army knife of automatic/logic flows in OBS, every second time someone wants to solve a specific problem and asks for a solution on the OBS Discord, it's this plugin which is suggested to them. A real must-have.
one of the best plugins out there! complete automation possible, if then conditions/actions, twitch integration, MIDI support and an extremely helpful and supportive dev! kann man nicht meckern <3
I just have one problem, can you make it so that you can add OBS to the ignore scene switch list and Google Chrome as a whole rather than just specific tabs? Thanks so much, love it!
the plugin is good excellent but it is complicated to use
Fantastic plugin that i've used for a good few months now, has pushed our broadcast to new levels.

One issue I have run into today is that when using the 'Scene item visibility - sources in index range' function, the upper index range doesn't save on reload or if duplicating the macro making it effectively broken. Also it only goes up to 99. So scenes with over 99 sources have limitations. Makes it difficult if you are bulk hiding sources, but only on the truly large scenes!
Glad to hear that you found a use for the plugin! :)

The issue of the upper index not saving correctly should be solved with the most recent release.
The maximum value for the index selection was also increased to 999.
Incredibly useful and stress reducing when teaching online. Can't thank you enough. The built-in feature was unable to do so many things that this one can do that it wasn't useful.
Enables a whole new level of automation for OBS, especially with the Macros feature.
Bloody brilliant, should be standard feature in obs.
Basically Tasker/AHK of OBS. Automation on quite high level.
without this plugin, obs is a nothing.
Can't stop shooting what a wonderful plugin for OBS and churches!!!
Made 10 macros and relative some hotkeys and removed about 10 scenes and PPT files instead.
Became so easy to operate.
Hope it will make us not make a mistake from now on.
Really appreciate you guys for your brilliant efforts.
I didn't want to switch over to Studio because this plugin was missing, as soon as I saw it was available I immediately switch. Great job, works great, can't complain!
This isn't just a Scene Switcher, it does SO much more than that.
I don't even use it for switching scenes to be honest..

Its one of the most useful plugins for OBS Studio.
I was looking for a way to trigger a scene switch according to the time. I have a 15-minute countdown that plays over a wide shot before the church service begins. With Advanced Scene Switcher, I was able to do it exactly as I wanted.
I wish this plugin was called something else because its name undersells it HARD, there's so much you can do with it, switching scenes is like a single grain of sand on the beach of functionality it offers.
I legitimately think I'm not exagerating when I say most people do not understand how crazy powerful this plugin is.
This is fantastic. The built in automatic switcher is completely not intuitive.
One bit of info for Ubuntu 20.04 users with OBS Studio 25.x, the plugins directory on 64 bit systems is: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/obs-plugins/
Keep up this great work.
Thank you, it's beautiful.