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Advanced Scene Switcher 1.25.4

Sugestion: Change audio source delay when change a scene
I believe this should already be possible, if I am understanding correctly what you are trying to do.
You can use the "Scene" condition to check for the scene change and use the "Audio" action to set the "Sync offset" the desired value.

If that is not what you were looking for or you need support in setting this up, feel free to reach out in the plugin's discussion thread! :)
Really great plugin and smart developer!
It's hard to comprehend how many possibilities and combinations of uses we get with this development.
Thanks a lot!!!
one of the best plugins out there! complete automation possible, if then conditions/actions, twitch integration, MIDI support and an extremely helpful and supportive dev! kann man nicht meckern <3
Very flexible! Nice plugin!
Love this plugin, such a vast array of functionality and I have barely scratched the surface. Is there a WIKI or FAQ somewhere? I have an issue I''m not sure how to break out of a looping set of scenes when I manually change to a new scene the macro keeps running... I know it's probably a simple thing I need to change but I haven't figured it out as of yet. :)
Glad you are enjoying the plugin!

There is a wiki:

But as it mostly covers the basics and a few examples it is usually best to simply ask in the discussion thread if you have questions :)
Loved the plugin as it was before I needed a tweak. I asked.. at first, the tweak wasn't an option, but just like magic he implemented what I needed and I updated, setup and it worked first time.

Thank you for your great plugin.
@Warmuptill, I can't live without this plugin! You're updates just keep improving! For that I am grateful! Thank you!

Has there been consideration with Macro's to be able to setup a case select or an IF, Than, Else scenario? I keep finding myself wanting 1 macro with multiple conditions and associated actions for a condition. This would cut down on the need for multiple macros to accomplish the same.

Thanks again!
Glad to hear you enjoy the plugin! :)

>Has there been consideration with Macro's to be able to setup a case select or an IF, Than, Else scenario?
It was requested a few times, but I simply did not get around to it yet.
When I find the time, I will to look into it, but I can't give you any promises / timelines.
without this plugin, obs is a nothing.
Basically Tasker/AHK of OBS. Automation on quite high level.
The swiss army knife of automatic/logic flows in OBS, every second time someone wants to solve a specific problem and asks for a solution on the OBS Discord, it's this plugin which is suggested to them. A real must-have.
Es el mejor complemento de obs, no imagino obs sin este complemento sinceramente te hace la vida muchísimo más fácil y por otra parte es super adictivo. El programador siempre predispuesto a ayudarte lo que lo hace aún mejor todavía. Felicitaciones. Un trabajo asombroso
To simply call this plugin by its name, "Advanced Scene Switcher", doesn't do this piece of software nearly the justice it seriously deserves. It isn't JUST about changing scenes. It's about automation taken to the next level. The addition of Websockets support takes it to the next level, whether controlling it with a device like an Elgato Stream Deck or SAMMI or even from another OBS Studio instance on the same or even completely different computer, even from THAT OBS Studio's installation of Advanced Scene Switcher!

I don't think I use even the merest fraction of this software's capabilities, but I feel this plugin is a serious "must-have" if the user wants or needs any manner of automation, whether confined to the same computer or, in my case, a highly-distributed model.
I can't imagine working in obs without this plugin! It makes everything 1000x easier, Thank you so much for your work on this!
excelent version warmuptill
good plugin I am fascinated with this version Warmuptill
excelent plugin Warmuptill
Incredibly powerful! Love it!
I loved the version 1.20.1 of advanced scene switcher
the plugin is good excellent but it is complicated to use
I'm baffled that this plugin has the functionality it does. Automation on a level THIS complex? I'm amazed you're not charging money for it.

Do you have some way I could potentially donate? This type of resource is something I feel I need to support out of principle.
Glad you enjoy using the plugin!
There is no need to donate anything, I just do this for fun :)