Absolutely brilliant. Never again will i use a PNG image as a mask in OBS. Don't understand why this wasn't a thing sooner.
Works great. It's so simple to use, it's my webcam effect default.
Why can't I show/hide the filter with a hotkey? It doesn't appear in the hotkey list
Works very sell so far and very easy to use.
I just come here for the amazing faces you pull.
This is an incredibly versatile plugin.
I use it on everything. Definitely a must-have.
The Boom so Much addition is awesome.
Great plugin, I like it very much...THANKS!!!!!!
Mr. Finite.....This is my 2nd plugin from you and you go the extra mile with their features and ease of use! So far it's lots of fun!!! Thanks!!!
Great plugin, I've been waiting for something like this! Thanks)
I was literally wondering if something like this existed and it materialized. Didn't try it yet but I'm going to test the shit out of it :D if I find any bug ill you know
Thank you! I'm always open for bug reports over on the project GitHub, so please feel free to open a new issue with anything you run into, and I'll look into getting it fixed!